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Bára Žbánková

Bára Žbánková
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Realistic Wings, I will probably never do this, but I just love the idea and admire someone who can do it.

This woman's tutorial/walk-through on how she made her costume wings is *amazing*. Awesome creativity, and some pretty amazing engineering! Perfect for cosplay (I absolutely have to make a set of these wings)

I’ve had the idea to do a dragon scarf for maybe a year by now, haha :D But I wasn’t sure how I wanted to tackle the head and also what dragon to do? I was torn between Haku from Spirited Away and …

Free sewing tutorial: A warm fleece scarf done up to look like Haku from Spirited Away; but you can make it look like any dragon you like as well! Hier findet ihr ALLES rund um das Thema Beauty und W (Diy Clothes For Kids)

Cassie Christmas Gift? Drawstring Batpack - Gosh this would be adorable for creep cute!

A simple drawstring backpack with a spooky twist. Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a backpack in under 120 minutes by sewing and machine sewing with fabric, felt, and fleece. Inspired by gifts, halloween, and gothic.