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Projects that have been completed.

When using spiral crochet to produce a cincture, place the tail end of the rope in a sliding Ziploc bag. You can then keep the unwieldy rope from kinking by untwisting the bag instead of the entire length of rope.


Deacon's Stole; pattern and directions from 20 Simple and Elegant Vestment Patterns by Reverand Cheryl L. Miner, with additional embroidered crosses on tails inspired by designs from LAVS and X Regio; silk matka cream and green fabric on face, with cotton lawn interfacing, and crepe back polyester satin lining. 1.15.17


Communion pall with wheat, grapes, and cross design; hand embroidered with 2 strands of DMC B5200; 7" x 7"; small altar linens; 100% linen from Ulster.


Microwave bowl caddy set; 100% cotton fabric, batting, thread; 12.21.16


Chalice pall; 7" x 7"; 100% linen; Mary, Mystical Rose hand embroidered in padded satin stitch with DMC cotton embroidery floss; vintage lace attached; 12.21.16


Deacon's Stole, folded 1.15.17

Small communion altar linens set; Warsau linen; finished by hand with olde style Italian hemstitching; set includes chalice pall, corporal, lavabo, purificator; 1.7.17

Small communion altar linens set; Warsau linen with olde style Italian hemstitching by hand and embroidered 1/2" red cross on each piece; set includes chalice pall, corporal, lavabo, purificator; 1.7.17

100% cotton men's handkerchief; 16" x 16" with hand embroidered cross and rolled hems; white; 1/2/17.

100% cotton women's handkerchiefs; 12" x 12"; hand rolled hems with 3/4" splitstitch cross hand embroidered in corner; white; 1/2/17