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Put on your Bata shoes and be a #BataBride on your special day. #BataWeddingFever

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Weddings can be a lot of work. These comfortable flats will help you get through them without breaking a sweat. #BataWedding Fever

What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve ever been to? Was it your sibling’s or your own? Come, share your favourite wedding story with us.

Step into a new world with the perfect companion. #BataWeddingFever

Just put on your Bata wedding shoes and shine. Be the perfect #BataBride. #BataWeddingFever

Girls, these sandals are perfect for every part of the wedding. From the sangeet to the reception, these beauties will win you extra compliments. #BataWeddingFever

The moment you stepped into your partner’s world, you made it better. You truly are a #BataBride. #BataWeddingFever

We make the Big Fat Indian Wedding better. #BataWedding Fever

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Blushing brides. Handsome grooms. Naughty groomsmen. Sweet bridesmaids. Plus Great Bata shoes. Is there anything we don’t love about weddings? #BataWeddingFever

Even lifelong romances start at weddings. Like the ones between you and these lovely brogues. #BataWedding Fever