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a close up of a piece of art with buttons and beads on the bottom half of it
an image of a house made out of paper and scissors on the inside with holes in it
a close up of a small purple and yellow card with leaves coming out of it
an apple with googly eyes and a green leaf on it's side sitting on top of a piece of fabric
a person is making a paper cut out of a dog's face on a colorful background
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the paper dog is cut out and ready to be used
a child's hand on top of a piece of felt with two chickens in it
пано из фетра
a close up of a small purse with a frog on it
Фетровые идеи HobbyBum
several pictures of farm animals and barnyards made out of felt, including finger puppets
Perfect handcrafted gift that will blow up your child’s imagination - Craft Learn and Play