Horse shelter

Horse shelter
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two horses are eating hay under a tent in the snow near a building with a green tarp over it
covered horse arena
horse shelters - non trap
a 3d rendering of a wooden structure in the grass - The World`s #1 Most Visited Video Chat Community
three horses are standing in the grass near a fence
Equine Inner Balance
a wooden shelter with two horses inside it
horse shelter | Field Shelters – Providing Horses with Shelter from the Summer Sun
two photos of people, one with blonde hair and the other without breast implants
The Bachelor's Richie and Alex had the exact same weekend plans as Nikki. That spells awkward.
The Bachelor’s Richie and Alex had the exact same weekend plans as Nikki. That spells awkward.
a drawing of a wooden shed with the roof open
Free Horse Shelter Building Plans | PLANS BUILDING HORSE SHELTER « Unique House Plans - pretty much exactly what I had in mind!
three horses are eating hay out of a trough
Hmm... Let's try that again
Horses eating hay on rocks to keep feet clean - Angela & Kenny ...
a wooden bench with a metal roof on it's side and measurements for the top
Hay Feeders for Round, Square, & Small Bales | Horizon Structures
Hay feeder
a brown horse standing on top of a river next to a lush green forest filled with trees
The horses are required to move through this water to get to their food. This practice ensures hoofs stay moist. It is not like the wet/dry conditions we put up with - that is lengthy periods in mud and lengthy periods in dry, rock hard pastures.
two horses are eating out of a trough
Der Paddock Trail | Offenstallkonzepte
Paddock Paradise hooibak
two horses are eating out of a trough
If I did not already own a Hayhut, I would build this. Feeds one round bale or six to eight square bales. All treated wood, solid roof sheathing, keeps hay off the ground, virtually eliminates waste and spoilage. Every edge is chamfered for horse safety. Built on skids, the unit is completely portable, so I can move it to fresh ground or another field anytime, pulling it with a pickup truck. It wasn't cheap, but it has paid for itself in savings in hay
an artistic sculpture in the middle of a field with several poles sticking out of it
horse training obstacles
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four plastic frisbees sitting in the grass near each other with sticks sticking out of them
DIY Cavaletti
DIY Cavaletti. Genius idea for cheap jumps. The blogger used for her dogs but I think they will work just as good for horses.