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Baris Šrámková

Baris Šrámková
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The Black Cap Chick-A-Dee can be enjoyed all year round. Black oil sunflower seeds are a healthy winter staple.

Birds: My favourite birds along with hummingbirds. Chickadees are so so tame, they talk to you, if they know you'll feed them. I loved them so, It was a whole nestful in a dogwood tree.

Signs of Spring by José Gieskes #Photography #Spring #Snow_Drops

Snow drops - One of the first signs that spring is on the way. I remember when I lived in Scotland as a child, the first flowers to poke their heads out from the snow were the snow drops.


I love April!the beginning of spring! I feel like I can breath again after the long winter and gray skies! it's my birthday month. FunFact: When I was little, I wanted to change my name to April LondonI thought it was perfect!