Barbora Paulíková

Barbora Paulíková

Barbora Paulíková
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Make Your Own Horse Clothing

Make Your Own Horse Clothing. Our 25 lb adopted dog from Mexico found Canadian winters brutal! Best ever dog coat was made by a horse blanket manufacturer, not the same priced ones from pet store.

How To Teach A Horse Piaffe

How To Teach A Horse Piaffe. Not really into dressage but I love the Piaffe. so western horses can Piaffe too right?Money would do a Piaffe while standing in the cross-ties!

A young girl and her horse doing advanced dressage with no tack. Lovely video

"Because now we are free to be simply us" - Grand prix dressage movements bareback and bridleless. Alizee Froment and Mistral du Coussoul

How to Train a Horse to Leg Yield

In this video, Penny Stone will show how to get a horse to leg yield and demonstrate the proper technique at a walk and at a trot.