Šmoulová zmrzlina

Šmoulová zmrzlina

Chtěla bych být housenkou.
Šmoulová zmrzlina
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Frank Lloyd Wright, "Fallingwater", Kaufman Residence. 1936-39, Bear Run Creek in Mill Run, PA.

An truly iconic piece of architecture. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Fallingwater was born out of the Arts and Crafts movement. Have to see this place! Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, US

Detail of an once-in-a-lifetime image of a Man Feeding Swans in the Snow in Krakow, Poland by Marcin Ryczek.

A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow by Marcin Ryczek. Polish photographer Marcin Ryczek snapped this once-in-a-lifetime photograph of a man feeding swans and ducks from a snowy river bank in Krakow.


The stunning ball gown was designed by Irene with white silk illusion fabric (normally used for bridal veils) over yellow, accented by a black velvet waist girdle and streamer and long black gloves

1950s fashion: red coat dress with Peter Pan collar

Model in red coat dress with Peter Pan collar, split-cuff sleeves and full skirt, by Sylvia for Mart Fashions 1951 NYC Photo Clifford Coffin