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Crushed biscuits 150 g Butter 75 g Cream cheese 380 g Yoghurt 75 g Coconut flakes 75 g White chocolate 200 For the top layer: Coconut milk 150 g White chocolate 80 g
a sandwich with eggs, bacon and cheese on it next to a cup of cappuccino
two plates with different types of pastries on them, one is shaped like a dinosaur
a plate topped with pancakes and sliced strawberries next to a banana shaped like a dinosaur
Dinosaur Theme Party
the pizza has been cut into pieces and is ready to be eaten
cute flower margarita pizza
two pictures with different foods in them and the same one has an animal on it
two blue plates with food on them that look like dinosaurs made out of fruit and vegetables
Garanta o lanche das crianças: +20 pratos divertidos infantis com receitas
Confira agora esta seleção de mais de 20 ideias de pratos divertidos para crianças! Isso vai convencer seu filho a comer numa boa! São pratos divertidos para crianças com frutas, com banana, com laranja, macarrão, arroz e até salada!E tem receitas de alguns deles! Clique agora para conferir!
two slices of toast with eyes and cheese on them
10 consejos para el regreso a clases
a plate topped with rice and meat next to a bowl of salad on a table
at meal
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