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four painted rocks on top of a wooden tray
One for all - en for alle #malpåsten#sten#paintedstones#stones#stenelene#rockpainting#rock#rudolphtherednosedreindeer#rudolph#christmasiscoming#thisiswhatido#thisiswhatilove
a pot filled with lots of pumpkins sitting on top of a table next to plants
Create a Halloween Miniature Garden
Paint rocks to look like pumpkins to decorate your mini garden for fall & Halloween.
three little ghost figurines sitting on top of a bed
Holiday Rock Painting & More!
two small pumpkins with faces painted on them next to a smaller one that has been carved into the shape of ghost's heads
painted stones
a black cat sitting on top of a carved pumpkin with a turtle on it's back
Pumpkin with cat
a hand holding an orange painted pumpkin
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Etsy Transaction - PUMPKIN PORCH - when life gives you pumpkins....
a rock with flowers painted on it next to markers and pens
a rock with a cartoon character drawn on it sitting in the ground next to flowers
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Engraved Stone Snoopy, Snoopy fans, Personalized engraved stone Name by StoneEffectsMD, $20.00