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silhouettes of people standing in front of a large white ball
Review: ‘Akhnaten’ Puts You on Philip Glass Time (Published 2019)
two pictures of an old building with clouds in the sky, and one is made out of cardboard
slab construction
an image of a room that is made out of wood and has lights on the ceiling
Galerie Michael Haas - Selected Works
All Visual Arts - Galerie Michael Haas - Selected Works
shadows cast on the wall and floor in front of a glass case with various objects
Barbara Kasten: Experimente mit Plexiglas - Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
two lamps that are on display in a room
Fragility of Memory
Debbie Adele Cooper, Wax and resin houses, incorporating archival images from different midlands towns. Each house enclosed an iBeacon which played oral history and music gathered or created through Past Lives Project …