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Forget the kids - I want to do this! How cool! Linked to directions. Way easier than it looks.

I loved doing this in art class. Art With Mr. E: Line Design w/Shading - Grade Very cool, fun art shading project from Art With Mr. E. he's an elementary art specialist. Try this with your kids (but I think grown ups would enjoy this too).

Shadow Box, Drawer Liners and more.  A bunch of good ideas for using maps in crafts.  I love maps so this is made for me.

souvenir case: Remove the back of a shadow box frame and cut a map to fit its dimensions. Glue the map to the backing, Let dry. Tape, glue or pin shells, photos, tickets and other trinkets on top of the map.

great tutorial on how to make striped crayon candles--pretty! Now I know what to do with all my old n broken crayons. It also gives me a reason to get new Crayola Crayons. Like I NEED an excuse. Nothing like the smell of a box of Crayola Crayons :)

Cool way to make colorful DIY candles and use up old broken crayons! Although I dont know if I would want a crayon scented candle.

Use rice to make these patriotic candles for 4th of July. They are also scented to keep bugs away!

These Patriotic Bug-Away Candleholders are perfect for your outdoor of July party. You and your guests can enjoy the party without being disturbed by bugs.This can be also used as a beautiful centerpiece