Barbora Křížková

Barbora Křížková

Barbora Křížková
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Pretty up a boring backyard corner with this pallet-turned-display case. Fill with an array of potted plants in the summer, then switch to pumpkins or pinecones for the autumn months. Get the tutorial at At Home with Kelsey.

I am sharing DIY project of diy pallet shelves. This was a wonderful experience and I completed that project without taking any help from anyone.

Since she's not often allowed outside, Calliope spends much of her time in her father's library.

Lydia loves to read, and is very well educated. One of her only comforts in her marriage to Thomas was her unlimited access to his enormous library

bum pad for 1770s and 1780s skirt shaping

bum pad for and skirt shaping um ok I made one it makes my dress hang funny.yet the pattern for the petties and skirt is no dif then the dress I alpedy have what am I doing wrong here? any sugestions?

Rococo Atelier: Underwear for 1770s and 1780s

Last week was all about making underwear for the striped robe à l& I sewed a new big bumpad, shift and an under-petticoat.