Akvárium a terárium

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an animal that is swimming in some water
a small lizard sitting on top of a wooden bowl in front of a glass window
big smile 🥰
an animal that is sitting on some rocks
For the Love of 'Lotls
an animal that is looking at the camera with flowers in the back ground behind it
an axamamus looking at the camera while swimming in its tank with plants and rocks
look at this baby.
a small pink and white fish with red hair on it's head in an aquarium
An Axolotl : A super cute and ruthless carnivore - Awesome
Cute axolotl
an image of different types of animals that are on the same page in this book
a small lizard with pink and white feathers on it's head sitting on a paper towel
Feeding my carnivorous lizard/carnassial well