Tiger shark

Social network course project - Sharks are friends; Projekt v rámci kurzu Sociální sítě jako výzva pro výchovu a vzdělávání - Žralok je kámoš. www.stremev.cz
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an open book with the words ovsedceni on it
Osvědčení Sociální sítě jako výzva pro praxi pedagogů a vychovatelů; www.stremev.cz
an image of a shark that is cut out and labeled in the text below it
Tiger Shark Print-out - Enchanted Learning Software
Tiger Shark coloring page
a man is swimming in the water with a shark on his back and some fish around him
The Daily What
Tiger shark steals camera from photographer Karen Brussaard
a shark swimming over a coral reef in the ocean
Tiger Shark in the Bahamas
a fish that is flying in the air with it's mouth open and teeth out
shark | Tumblr
Ocean Realm tiger shark
two fish swimming in the water at night
Showing Its Stripes
Picture of a young tiger shark in Hawaii
the shark and other marine creatures are depicted in this infographtion poster, which includes information about sharks
Žralok tygří je taková podmořská popelnice (http://www.sharksider.com/incredible-tiger-shark-facts/) #fakt #tigershark #sharkweek
a red circle with the words near threatened in white letters on it, and an image of a dog's head
Arkive closure
Žralok tygří patří mezi ohrožené druhy #fakt #tigershark #status http://www.arkive.org/tiger-shark/galeocerdo-cuvier/
the world map is shown in blue and gray
Výskyt žraloka tygřího #mapa #tigershark
the anatomy of a tiger shark
Žralok tygří anatomie, potrava, výskyt #fakt #tigershark #sharkweek
an info poster showing shark attacks in the ocean
Anatomy of a Shark Attack – Submit Infographics
Obecná infografika žraločí útoky #info #sharkattack
a large shark swims in the ocean with a scuba diver near it's side
Beautiful Underwater Photos
Žralok tygří průměrně dorůstá kolem 5m, ale existují i 7m jedinci #fakt #tigershark
a large shark swimming in the blue water
HDmall: Pengiriman Obat & Booking Klinik | HDmall
Tiger shark: what a stunner.
a shark with the caption did you know?
S věkem žralokům tygřím mizí na těle pruhy #fakt #tigershark
a shark swimming in the ocean with a caption that reads, no one else can make the same conditions to the world that you can
Délka života žraloka tygřího je více jak 20 let #fakt #tigershark