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an angel sitting on top of a mountain
Fall Of Angel Lucifer - Dark Legends & Old Myths. Prehistoric Mythology - Angelic Rebelion. HELL
a man standing on top of a cliff next to a giant creature in the fog
Foggy forest monster, dark, drawing, fog, gloomy, horror, nature, smoke, HD phone wallpaper
a car parked in front of a forest with an eyeball shaped object above it
The Watcher by Kurt Higgins
an aerial view of a boat with people in it floating on the water near a giant creature
The Art Showcase
Ocean Illustration, Sea Art, Mythological Creatures, Sea Monsters
Mermaids & Pirates: Archive
a man standing in the middle of a road surrounded by creepy looking zombies and glowing eyes
an image of a giant octopus in the dark with eyes glowing from it's head
Expedition no. 47 by AlexKonstad on DeviantArt