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a chess board with several pieces of carved clay depicting people in armor and helmets on it
En passant - Chess
a chess set made out of wooden pieces
Рыцари самшит и черное дерево - Raikis Collection: скульптурные шахматы и нарды из бивня мамонта
a black and white chess board with pieces on it
Chess Set - Weld Talk Message Boards
a table with many pieces of metal and wood on it in front of a wall
there are many different types of mechanical parts on the table
an old machine with lots of metal parts on it
Необычные светильники из пластиковых труб
a chess board made out of metal objects
Steampunk Chess set Gallery 5
four different types of electrical components are lined up on a table top, one is metal and the other is wood
steampunk bolt and gear chess set complete with pieces and board
a wooden shelf with chess pieces on top and drawers below it, in front of a white wall
Vertical Chess Board
the nuts and bolts chess set is shown with instructions to make it look like they have been
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a chess board with metal pieces on it