Social Media Enhances Aggieville Bar Sales

Our board was used to show how social media really does enhance the sales of small businesses such as the bar district in Aggieville. We carefully selected 10 different pin to easily show all the different ways social media is used as a marketing tool.
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This picture shows that most social media outlets are easily accessible through a mobile device. College students will not go anywhere without their cell phone.These students have instant access to the best deals and discounts in town at the tip of their fingers, and the best part is that these promotions aren't in paper form so they can easily save it to their phone and not have to worry about leaving their great deal at home. Using social media is a cheap and easy way to advertise.

This is a screenshot of my Twitter page. In this picture you can see how easy it was for me to search a local bar in aggiville and see their most recent deals and or promotions at the touch of a button. Twitter is just one of the many social media outlets used by businesses to help increase profit and makes a great marketing tool to relate to the younger generation of customers.

© 2014 Sbr Technologies | SEO SMO Website Design Development PPC Company This video does a great job of explaining how important it is for any type of business to create a name for themselves using social media. It provides interesting information on the percentage of people who use social media sites on a daily basis.

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