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So here is the whole lot of them. Mom (right), dad (bottom left) and big sister Trinity(on the couch) with the nine little angels. I will try to add which is which left to right. This will be a challenge... 1.Maci(Gray) 2.Watson (red) 3.Sasha (blue) 4.Cooper (orange) 5.Bailey(brown) 6.(sitting up) Pheobie (pink) 7.Cooper (Navy) 8.Dakota(White) 9.Hailey(Purple) wow I did it :) I really can tell them all apart. Dakota and Cooper (navy) went home today, I miss them so much :(

It is so hard to get the 4 of them together. The cat doesnt like the dogs and the pup is too rough with the very old rabbit.

Karma the crazy Golden with her new kitten Gizmo and my rat Cinnamon which Karma thinks is hers.

Trinity again with her new friend Alexis. Trinity is now a big sister!! Pictures of her baby brothers and sisters soon :D