Jan Svoboda
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How to Make an Anvil from Old Railroad Track

With many railroad tracks now in disuse, some being converted into bike and pedestrian paths, you might be able to get your hands on a section of used rail

Auto Rotisserie Plans

An auto rotisserie, or at least an auto body cart will be the single most cherished tool In your garage. For a frame off auto restoration job, it can be a life saver, or at the very least a real back saver.

Professional techniques for perfect molding and trim joints

The secret for a glove-tight fit for trim corners is a coped joint. With this technique you can even make complex crown moldings fit without leaving gaps.

Making Coped Joints in Steel Angle Stock.

Technically not blacksmithing, but a welding/iron-working staple. Ifyou can do this, you can fabricate just about anything! Coped Joints in Steel Angle Stock.