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the different shades of dyes used in makeup for eyeshades and eyeliners
the MAIWA BLOG: Maiwa's Natural Dyes – Where Do They Come From?
a man sitting on top of a pile of rocks wearing a red outfit and holding two swords
a man dressed as a knight with a bow and arrow in his hand, kneeling on the ground
ArtStation - Explore
yoooooooo, dr4gon 5oul on ArtStation at
a man dressed in armor holding an arrow and bow
Longbow Assassins, Youngmin Moon
Dark Elf concept, Truman Art
Dark Elf concept, Truman Art
a man dressed in black holding a knife and wearing armor with blood on the floor
Old Hunter, Heewon Kim
ArtStation - Old Hunter, Heewon Kim
Medieval Swordsman, CumoJang
Medieval Swordsman, CumoJang
Artist: Zhang Shu Assassins Creed Art, Fantasy Concept Art
Characters (OC)
Artist: Zhang Shu
the concept art for an upcoming video game is shown in three different poses, including one with
Hood Outlaws & Legends, Luc Fontenoy
Sci Fi Fantasy
Nazgûl , CK Göksoy