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What would you give me for this ?

Three young jewish boys ultra-orthodox trade something between them - What would you give me for it? NO child is orthodox or anything else. It is SHOVED DOWN THEIR THROATS,. No sane person would CHOOSE this. Only indoctrination can achieve such insanity.

Armies of Angels in Heaven ✞⛪✞                              …

Matrix Power Control Grid Will Be Shut Off! 4 Billion Angels Co-ordinating Massive Sky To Ground Operation, Now Underway! Closing Of Earth Ascension Is At Hand! In Next 6 Days, Gamma Light Energy Tremendous, Seas Will Lift As Heavenly Bodies Pass.

Moshe Dayan (M), Chief of Staff Rabin (R) walking through the Old City's Lion's Gate (Archives: GPO)

Iconic photo of Defense Minister Moshe Dayan flanked by Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin and Uzi Narkiss taken in the Old City of Jerusalem shortly after its capture from Jordanian forces in the 1967 Six Day War.