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Ušaty hrnek pro děti DOMBO

Doomor cup a.a Dombo is Richard Hutten’s famously jolly child’s drinking cup with big ears for handles. This mug is unbreakable, perfect for kids.

Ušaty hrnek pro děti DOMBO

2016 Children Drinking Milk Cups Kid Child Water Bottle Heat insulation cup with big ears Domoor Cup Baby Drink Training Bottle

Newborn Safety.  Please, every single aspiring (and existing) newborn photographer, go to this site and see the examples of how these images are done.  I am horrified to hear that there are some "professional" photographers who are trying these poses straight up and, in the process, endangering the safety of the baby.

Excellent tips on newborn photography and safety ~ and how to create beautiful composites such as this one. This is just AWESOME! All photographers should read this!