Babu Skoumalova

Babu Skoumalova

i love clothes, healthy baking & cooking, coffee, i love crafts and home decor.. pinterest is a great way how to have it all :D
Babu Skoumalova
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Incredibly moist and delicious banana bars topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting that's certain to brighten anyone's day. These banana bars are incredible.of course it is hard to go wrong .

ahhh so great!! :)

Jigsaw Cookie Cutter At last a reason for children to play with their food! Kids will love to help make these biscuits with our metal jigsaw cookie cutter. Jumble them all up and hey presto a jigsaw you can eat. Fantastic fun at a kid’s party, and we all

i kinda want one...

While Hario's Syphon vacuum pot coffee maker looks like a way more complicated way to get a cup of coffee than stopping by the drive-thru espresso stand in my grocery store's parking lot, the company deems the Syphon's method a "wonderfully impressive vi

definitely have to make these!

Homemade coffee syrups - cheap and delicious. :) I like to make almond-flavored syrup (using the same idea as the vanilla) for a more economical flavored coffee experience. A Beautiful Mess hits another home run.