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The of the generation Doctors (Peter Capaldi) and his Companion Clara have a new Mission Find Gallifrey. After all 12 of the Doctors incarnation. DOCTOR WHO 2014 POSTER

ineffableboyfriends: Headcanon: Anderson is only really mean to Sherlock because he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings. (That does make sense, or he was jealous.

Holy crap I didn't know the guy who played Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter is actually the same actor who is the one and only Doctor on Doctor Who holy crap that's awesome. Well that case Harry Potter would be screwed.

rule 463

Rule The Doctor is the best help-line out there. [Image cap from “The Bells of St.

rule 450

"This planet, these people are precious to me and I will defend them until my final breath." -- The Doctor

rule 441 !KEEP OUT!

Rule Keep out signs are merely suggestions. (Image still from A Town Called Mercy by Jenna)

rule 305

rule 305