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The Hobbit fan art.. Truly Magical cross between The Lord of the Rings Map and actual movie footage.

The Hobbit - It's kind of odd that one little book ( The Hobbit) gets as much movies as the whole series of books! (The Lord of the Rings.) Still an epic movie though

Seriously Aragorn…

Funny pictures about Seriously Aragorn. Oh, and cool pics about Seriously Aragorn. Also, Seriously Aragorn.

I. Love. This. Picture. It never fails to crack me up. If the image is clicked, then the website that pops up will show Legolas/Orlando Bloom dancing. SO BASICALLY IT GETS EVEN FUNNIER.

Thranduil: um, that's his mother's side showing. Legolas: Dad, I'm pretending I have a motorcycle, okay?<<<hahaha it's almost like tauriel is riding behind Legolas on the motorcycle.