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Was curious, curiosity didn't kill the cat this time.
Spray paint anyone?
This ironic display of graffiti depicts a stance taken by an artist who refuses to accept that graffiti is a criminal act. Author: Ecko Unlt. brand. Source: Instagram
My favorite is Sweden with the cats they really look like they are dancing too
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♡ On Pinterest @ kitkatlovekesha ♡ ♡ Pin: Weapons ~ Case Hardened Karambit Knife ♡
What is better than the proverbial Sharks with laser beams attached to their foreheads? A mini gun on a motorcycle. Why? Why not? Yea you saw that right… That is a mini gun on a bike.  @trey_hicks ・・・ It's hard to find a shooting range where you can shoot miniguns from your motorcycle! #tailgunnerusa …   Read More …
LED Tactical Knife #Under-$50 #For-Men #Multi-Function-Pocket-Tools