♂ Couple dance at night street "Diego Riemer & Maria Belén Giachello, Tango in Moscow" by Alexander Prischepov


The shapes. The flowing fabrics and the strong lines of the dancers' bodies are a beautiful contrast, and all together they contort themselves into these organic shapes that are both graceful and powerful. Just begging for a sculpture.

Argentine Tango Legend  The great Gavito

Marcela Duran and Carlos Gavito from the famous Broadway Show "Forever Tango" by Luis Bravo. An iconic couple who boomed international interest in Argentine Tango with their artistic style.

something i would like to be able to do at my wedding. . .ballroom dance

Here is a list of ballroom dance technical terms and their meanings. Please refer to these if you need to understand the an expression in the dance steps.

dance is fun <3 TY

Ballet lessons advertising flyer looks a tutu. Good promotional idea could work for any type of dance or fitness program/classes.

"Chicago" (2002) Catherine Zeta Jones

15 Greatest Dance Movies of All Time!

Net Image: Catherine Zeta-Jones in Miramax's Chicago - Catherine Zeta-Jones in Miramax's Chicago - 2002 Photo ID: . Picture of Chicago - Latest Chicago Photo.