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three pictures with different colors and designs on them, one shows the process of making an octopus
Clay drip sculptures
Lesson info and materials on Make a Mark Studios blog post . Drip sculptures are a fun way to explore the element of art, TEXTURE!
four different types of neon lights in various shapes and sizes
PaletteofRainbows on Instagram: "Here are some cool "neon lights," which seemed to have made its comeback! These were done using chalk pastels, but this project can also be done using paint or oil pastels! . . . . #artwithkids #kidsart #kidsartwork #kidsartproject #artlesson #artproject #elementaryartteacher #middleschoolart #elementaryart #artteachersofig #artteachersofinstagram #artclass #artteacher #neonart #neonsign #neon #paletteofrainbows"
there are many colorful objects on the table
25 Largest Animals Ever Caught On Camera - Diy and Crafts
a white wall with lines on it and a cat sitting in front of the painting
DIY Embroidered Canvas Wall Art
make your own unique embroidered canvas art - it's simple to make and has interesting texture and movement - free step-by-step tutorial