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an empty room with wooden walls and cupboards
Steven Vandenborre Architecten, Tim Van de Velde · Vandewiele Offices
the interior of a restaurant with wooden chairs and round tables in front of large mirrors
a woman is sitting on a bench in the middle of an open space with stairs
Gallery of Yangtze Opus Wuhan Art Museum / Waterfrom Design - 25
people are sitting and standing in an office with chairs, tables, and couches
Brainium Studios Offices - Portland | Office Snapshots
an empty table and chairs in a room with wooden partitions on the wall behind them
Fosbury & Sons | Brussel - de compagnie
Fosbury & Sons | Brussel / Antwerpen - de compagnie
a blue couch and table in a room with wood paneling on the walls,
Seating Nook
three people sitting on benches in the middle of a lobby with stairs and planters
ABN Group HQ | Woods Bagot
an empty office space with wooden desks and shelves
Gallery of ORIGINAL CONCEPT Studio Office / Shire Space Research - 1
an empty room with several brown doors and lights on the wall, in front of a white ceiling
TCD² | 咫尺游廊,上海容居生活馆
an open door in the middle of two tall white pillars
YinjiSpace - JLa x Tianshui Poly Time Impression Sales Centre
an empty room with several brown doors and lights on the wall, in front of a white ceiling
TCD² | 咫尺游廊,上海容居生活馆
a round white object sitting on top of a counter in front of a beige wall
two photographs of people walking in and out of an office building, one is looking up at the ceiling
Hassell | Our Projects. Architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design.
an overhead view of people sitting at tables in a lobby with their backs to the camera
Pelle Leathers collaborates with ANZ | IndesignLive
a living room filled with green couches and white tables in front of large windows
Interior Design Awards, Commercial Interior Design
Wanderlust / Singapore
an overhead view of a living room with couches and lamps on the floor, in front of a building
What’s happening at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019 | IndesignLive
an office lobby with plants hanging from the ceiling and couches in front of it
Kevin Noguera - 05-Workplace One-111 Peter St. | Office Snapshots
an empty room with chairs and tables in the center, while a man walks by
OCAD U CO Incubator Offices - Toronto | Office Snapshots
furniture, work, architecture, interior design, interiors, design Open Space Office
BuzziBracks By Buzzi Space
an elegant living room with modern furniture and lighting on the walls, along with potted plants
K-studio's Perianth Hotel infuses neo-modernism into Athens
an empty conference room with chairs and a flat screen tv mounted on the wall above it
Office Design for Real Estate Investment Management Company
a table and stools in a room with plants on the wall behind it,
Work - GroupGSA
an illuminated sign on the side of a refrigerator in a room with marble walls and ceiling
Ferko Signature
two wooden boxes sitting next to each other in front of a white wall and floor
TEA Community Center by Waterfrom Design
an empty room with white walls and flooring is shown in this image, there are lights on either side of the wall
a bath tub sitting next to a white wall
two men are standing in the middle of a large room with tall walls and floor to ceiling windows
three concrete benches sitting next to each other in front of a wall with vertical stripes on it
Leibal — Monoha
an empty room with tables and couches in it
为理想买单 —— 恒田新总部
an empty room with tables and chairs near large windows in the middle of the room
an empty lobby with modern lighting and marble flooring
a long hallway with lots of windows and furniture on the floor, in front of large windows
ISSI Condominium by Charn Issara Development
the lobby is clean and ready for customers to use
招商蛇口 | 门中朝会 · 忆南京