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an animated animal is standing in the middle of some pink plants and grass with blue eyes
Aurahma are coming
Aurahma are coming. - Artist: Jimmy Duda Terraform Studios' Art Director: Alec Palacios Original IP and direction by Project Eluüne - https://twitter.com/ProjectEluune https://www.projecteluune.com/
two little blue monsters sitting on top of a tree branch in front of a dark background
Aurahma on Branch
Beloved Companions in Eleriah Perhaps the most common form Aurah takes in Eleriah is the form of Aurahma, small and playful spirits that wander all domains and appear only to those who act in ways that attract Aurah. The Aurahma are our Eleriah AI’s interpretation, and our reimagining, of the Kodama from Japanese Folklore. They are the most powerful characters in our story for our players/audience — and they will be beloved companions in our world for decades. - Artist: Jimmy Duda Terraform Stud
a painting of a cat holding a stick with fire coming out of it
Lemur Wizard, Nathanael Mortensen
ArtStation - Lemur Wizard, Nathanael M
a blue and green dragon with a long tail on it's back, holding a stick
Leshy - Ancestries - Archives of Nethys: Pathfinder 2nd Edition Database
a frog with red eyes sitting on top of another frog's back and holding flowers in its mouth
Sylvan Tree Frog, Wes Sly
ArtStation - Sylvan Tree Frog
a small rat with big ears on it's back legs and tail, standing in front of a black background
Fantastic Mouse - Science Fiction by tees2sale
a drawing of a green creature holding a stick and looking at something in its hand
Character Design
Character Design on Behance