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the best starbucks drinks for all time
Best Starbucks Drinks Of All Time
We love Starbucks for their innovation and for being ubiquitous. ☕️ But at the end of the day, it's their heavy-hitters that matter, their cult favs. The ones you almost *always* go back to order. 🧑‍💻Together with Awario, we found the best Starbucks drinks ever, and put them on our list. Share your favs at Starbucks in the comments! ↴↴↴ #starbucks #drink #coffee #starbuckscoffee #latte #gotstarbucks #socialmediamonitoring #awariofindings #awario
an advertisement for the most romantic cities in the world
Most romantic cities in the world
#ValentinesDay is a week away! Cupid called to tell you that it's time to plan your romantic getaway and think about romantic activities. Looking for the perfect place to travel with your Partner on this Valentine's Day? We researched the topic and ranked most romantic cities in the world by popularity. Check out these top destinations to travel for a romantic escape. 💘 Do your own competitor research with Awario! #infografics #monitoringtool #mediamonitoring #sociallistening #mediamarketing
a large poster with many different colors on it
TikTok or Instagram Reels: the best marketing choice for your brand
You absolutely need to start making vertical videos for your brand! But what platform should you choose? In this #infographic, we compare #TikTok and #InstagramReels. #marketing #digitalmarketing #contentmarketing #videomarketing #socialmedia #instagram
This is an infographic that covers 5 live streaming platform including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Memes, Audience Analysis, First Live, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Live Video, Live Stream, Live Streaming
Top streaming platforms in 2021 (INFOGRAPHIC)
Swipe to see our infographic! Where should you start your first live stream? Check out this audience analysis to choose the best platform for you! #videomarketing #livestreaming #livevideo #twitch #youtubelive
five ways social listening can help banks and financial services cover art for the book 5 ways social listening can help banks and financial services
How Banks Can Use Social Listening
Banks can achieve several business goals with social listening: manage their reputation improve customer service track competitors and more! Check out our new article to learn how to do it!
the most popular superheros info sheet
Who is the most popular superheroine on the web?
Would like to discover info like this? Grab Awario trial and do your superhero research ;)
the most popular social media platforms
Top 7 social media apps
We used Awario to analyze online mentions of social media networks to find the most popular! #socialmedia #socialmediapps #facebook #instagram #tiktok #youtube #twitter