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Marketing Campaign Monitoring
Tracking your campaign performance with a social monitoring tool means all the marketing aids delivered right to you: important comments, influencers, and reliable insights on reach, social media sentiment, and context of campaign mentions. ⥂Listening is 90% of the campaign analysis! So hand campaign management over to Awario and save yourself tons and tons of time. #sociallistening #socialmedia #socialmediamonitoring #socialmediamonitoring #digitalmarketing #marketingtrends #awarioguides
Troubleshooting and FAQ
Awario Marketing Team collected all commonly asked questions in one place so that you could handle and resolve all the performance issues ASAP. The Troubleshooting and FAQ section provides answers to frequently asked questions about problems, that you might encounter while using Awario. 🤷‍♂️ Still need help? Contact us at and will be of your assistance at any time. #troubleshooting #askquestion #marketing #question
Awario FAQs. Part 7. Sentiment analysis
In today`s video we are talking about Awario sentiment analysis feature. How to access sentiment analysis, why its important to track the reaction to your marketing campaigns and how to discover your brand sentiment on the socials – watch the video and get started today. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be up to date with the latest Awario features and hacks! #sentimentanalysis #brandmonitoring #socialmedia
How to create a Boolean search query
Ok, Google, give me some practical advice on Boolean search queries!🤗 Let’s explore, step by step, how to create a Boolean search query and how to set it up on practice. Use our visual quick sheet as a basics on how to improve your mention search and get the most out of it. ⤥ If there are any other cases you want us to advice on, please drop us a message at
Tutorial - How to set up your first alert
Meet Awario #Tutorials! Set of videos, where we cover all aspects of social media monitoring with #awarioapp. In our first video, we will walk through the Awario setup, and you will also learn step-by-step how to create your first alert.💁
Alert Comparison
Working with #sociamediamonitoring results can be as easy as one-two. Awario Reports section provides detailed statistics on each of your mentioned alerts. Sign up for a free trial and get all the detailed stats #Awario offers!
Awario FAQs. Part 6. Leads module
➡️Today we are back with a new series of Awario video FAQs! 👇 In this Q&A video session, we are talking about the Leads module and its setup. ⟶What is Awario Leads module? ⟶ How can I add the Leads alert to the project? ⟶ How detailed should the description be? ⟶ Can I use any language to set up Leads? ⟶ What if I fail to set up leads correctly from the first time?
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Awario Social Media Marketing Blog
💡 Awario Social Media Marketing Blog is a platform where our team shares valuable tips, guides, and ideas about social media. Follow the link and plunge into the digital lands of social media marketing with #Awario!
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Leads Generation
Every business aims at the #targetaudience and wants to promote its services among people who will actually listen. 📣 Otherwise, this #promocampaign will be fruitless. We prepared a short follow-up on how to use #Awario in your #leadgeneration strategy and get remarkable results.
Competitor Analysis
🔎 It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in– #competitormonitoring is highly important for any business. With #Awario you can safely delegate #competitoranalysis to social listening tools and ease up. Sign-up for a free Awario trial on the link.
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We cant stop talking about #Analytics!
Today #Facebook is on everyone`s lips, and it's time to get the most out of its Insights. 👍 In today's article, we cover the major Facebook metrics and analytics. Additionally, you will find a set of Social media marketing tools for Facebook analysis. Click the link to read the article ↴ #facebookanalytics #socialmediaanalytics #marketinganalytics #digitalanalytics #advancedanalytics #socialmediamarketing #socialmediamanagement
Sentiment Analysis
Have you ever thought of a brand voice tone? Is it neutral, positive, or negative? 😊😕 #Awario provides sentiment analysis that classifies incoming conversations about the brand. It could be reviews, survey responses, or online materials ranging from articles to customer service feedback. Keeping your fingers on the Sentiment analysis "pulse" is a convenient way to track the attitude of your audience toward your brand or product!
Working with results: Grouping and Sorting
Awario provides different ways of organizing your mentions - all these methods will save time and make your work more effective. 💡 Here are basic options for grouping your findings! - Grouping by Conversations, Authors, and Mentions - Sorting by Date, Reach, and Mentions for the Conversation or Authors Use Awario and organize your mentions like Pro! Signup for free to try #Awario. #AwarioHacks #awarioapp #marketingtips #sociallistening
Keywords in Awario
📌 The first thing you do when social listening is choosing keywords to monitor. You can use four different keyword formats to get the most out of brand monitoring. After you create the keywords, #Awario will search for their mentions and collect them in a single place, so that you won’t miss any insights! See the video to know more!
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Communication is a door to successful brand positioning, while language is a key 🗝
It`s time to share a common language with your audience and be aware of what people say about you online. 👨‍💻 It's all about using the Language filter in your marketing reports - this helps to collect stats on the languages used in your mentions most frequently. Don’t forget to tick the checkbox under the field that enables the results where #Awario was unable to identify the language used. Check it out in the tool!👍