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an email message is shown with the caption that reads,'what do you think about
➼ Have you found value through influencer marketing?
Influencer marketing is now a mainstream form of online marketing Its massive growth spurt proves that “kids these days” might have less interest in going to the moon, than being an Influencer. ➼ Have you found value through influencer marketing?
an advertisement for the company that sells inflatables and other items to customers
Have you started integrating AI into your workflow?
a blue and pink valentine's day card with the words we love you
We love you!
Happy #ValentinesDay! Love is more than just words and romance. Awario Team wishes you all an amazing day full of love and achievements ♥️ #valentinesday2023 #happyvalentinesday #mindfulliving
#poll #polloftheday Soulmate, Gems, Let It Be
Lets discuss your app gems!
the top 5 social media tools right now infographicly displayed on a white background
Top 5 most discussed social media tools
We defined the most discussed social media tools starting from 1st November and ranked them by popularity. Share your fav social media tools that make sense for you and your brand! 😉Do your own competitor research with Awario!
quiz, digital marketing channels Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Channels, Digital Marketing Channels, Content Distribution, Display Advertising, Marketing Channel, The List
What`s your fav digital marketing channel?
What digital marketing channels are worth the extra attention and are your favorite? Choose from the list or add your answer in the comments!
the most watched netflix films on tv in 2013 infographical poster with hand holding remote
Most watched Netflix films
What's your favorite Netflix film? 📺 Once again, we used the power of social listening to find the best of the best — this time among most watched Netflix films. Find our favs on the visual! ↘Do you agree with the Internet? #marketing #awario #socialmedia #socialmediamonitoring #socialmediatools #Netflix #Netflixmovie
What are the key issues in your 2023 marketing campaign?
merry christmas and happy new year 2013 with cartoon characters in front of a snowy background
Happy New Year!
This is it! ✨ Through all the ups and downs, 2022 is over, and it’s time for celebrations like no other, dancing, being merry, and watching the fireworks. This year was full of unexpected moments, both good and bad ones. Take a moment to focus on it`s bright side and celebrate this year and the start of the new year! 🎄 From everyone at Awario, we wish you a very Happy New Year! We hope you have a safe, fun, and relaxing time! 🎇
the christmas word search is shown with toys around it
What does 2023 have in store for you?
New Year is easily one of the best times of the year, so let’s play a fantasy prediction game, shall we? Take a look at the pic and see what you'll get in 2023! 🎇 Comment below with 3 first words you saw on the pic!
Merry Christmas!
It's time to unplug until the new year and focus on what matters most: family and togetherness. We at Awario wish you a beautiful #Christmas remembering all of the precious moments we had this year. 💫 We wish you happiness, peace, and prosperity! And may this season be as warm as our wishes for you. Happy Holidays! 🎄 #seasonsgreetings #merrychristmas2022 #awario #people #socialmedia
#holidats #christmas #NewYear #resoutions Toxic People, Quit Social Media, Quitting Social Media, Learn Italian, New Year's Resolutions, Drink More Water, Learning Italian, More Water, Learn Guitar
Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to spark positive change. Learn Italian, drink more water, and quit social media. 🥳Using Awario power, we uncovered the top New Year's resolutions people are making this year. 🧐Check out the pic and see what we`ve come up with! And what are your top priorities for 2023? #newyear2023 #newyearresolutions #NewYearsResolution
Did you plan your holiday campaigns so far?
Who will be the winners of Qatar World Cup?
With the World Cup in full swing, the web is buzzing with predictions: who will be the Winners, who are the Underdogs, and what will be the Golden Ball contenders. From winners and flops to goalscorers and stars, we analyzed the World Cup buzz and tried to predict who will be the winner. See the video to know more! #awario #independent #2022world #worldcup #goldenball #footballteam #qatarworldcup #qatar2022 #football #fridayfun