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Broken Glass Jello... with rum chata for the milky base and different flavors of pucker for the 'glass'

Recette de Pâte de guimauve

Coup de cœur pour cette délicieuse recette de Pâte de fruits !:

Agar fruit gummies - 1 cup of tea, juice, water, 1 cup fresh or thawed fruit, mashed; 6 tablespoons agar flakes. Boil the liquid and fruit. Add honey if desired. When the mixture boils, sprinkle the agar flakes. Lower the heat and stir to dissolve. Remove from heat. Pour the mixture into molds. Refrigerate 2 hours. Turn out and enjoy!

Paleo Gut Healing Gummies: the perfect healing treat! Packed with gelatin for gut health, and sweetened naturally with fruit and stevia. One of our favourites to make on the weekend!

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