Matthew likes this, but next time I will put the marshmallows into batter :o)

Rocky Road Brownies

Rocky Road Brownies - a rich and chewy brownie recipe with toasted marshmallows, walnuts, and chocolate chips sprinkled on top.

Banana cake - really tasty batter ;o)

Chocolate Banana Cream Cake

Chocolate Banana Cream Cake- Bake up a sweet treat with one of our best cake recipes, including chocolate cake, carrot cake, pound cake, cake mix recipes and homemade cake recipes.

Ferrero Rocher Cake for mum "Ferrero lover" :oD

Ferrero Rocher Cake

I'm absolutely addicted to Ferrero Rocher candies. They're heavenly and I cannot seem to get enough of them. Perhaps that was my biggest motivation to create an entire cake recipe, based on Ferrero Rocher candies.

Nutella Magic Cake - fluffy and easy to do :o)

Nutella Magic Cake

Nutella Magic Cake - the superstar of all cakes now in Nutella flavor. One easy batter transforms into a 3 layer cake. Is it magic? Or simply some wicked baking skills?

Ořechový dort s mascarpone krémem

Pradobroty: Ořechový dort s mascarpone krémem

Crepe cake :o)

This chocolate crepe cake, with layers of whipped cream filling is fantastic! Dark Chocolate Crepe Cake Recipe from Grandmothers Kitchen.

Úžasné máslové makovky |

Úžasné máslové makovky

Chocolate cake - Matthew's favorite

Čokoládový koláč MRAVENIŠTĚ

Yoghurt wreaths

Jogurtové věnečky se skořicí 150 g bílého jogurtu 50 ml vody vanilkový cukr 30 g…

Laskonky - Kluci v akci

Kluci v akci: Laskonky kokosové.

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Honey cake - like the bought one :oD But only cream is quite liquid....

Honey cake - like the bought one :oD But only cream is quite liquid.