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eggs and paint sitting on top of paper with blue floral designs next to each other
Creating French Style Easter Eggs | Edith & Evelyn
Creating French Style Easter Eggs | Edith & Evelyn
two pieces of wood are decorated with orange and white gingham bows, tied together
a paper cut out of a bunny's head
three wooden sticks with bunny ears on them sitting on top of a wood table in front of a gray wall
three bunny silhouettes are mounted on the side of a wooden sign with white balls
a wire basket filled with eggs and flowers
100 DIY Rustic Easter Decorations
three carrots that are sitting on a wooden table
DIY Easter Decor Carrots made with Newspaper and Tape!
These Easter decor carrots are a great stand in for some of the more expensive rustic carrot decor that you can buy these days and they cost just pennies to make!