The Pontiac Aztek's design is consistently mentioned in ugliest cars lists

In 2008 we ran a poll where readers voted for the 100 ugliest cars of all time. The Pontiac Aztek, built between finished in the top spot

During the Cold War the Trabant was the most common car in East Germany

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The Corvair will always be remembered by the controversy around its handling

The Corvair was introduced in It had an air cooled rear engine.

The Ford Pinto became famous for bursting into flames in case of an accident

This is just what my first car looked like, down to the fluorescent orange! My Mom gave me her 72 just in time for my senior year in HS. Lotta memories in my Runabout.

The Landwind did so bad in the crash tests it was considered dangerous

Os piores carros do mundo slideshow

The Hammerhead was introduced to the world on BBC's Top Gear

Os piores carros do mundo slideshow