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Short Stories In Progress

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When a little girl finds an unhatched dragon egg, she takes it home. Later that night, the baby dragon hatches and thinks its human. Realizing the problem, the girl undertakes to instruct the hatchling in how to be a dragon with some humorous results.

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What kind of gift do you get for your birthday? For mine, I got a dragon! WOW!

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Jennifer Kincaid has shared a secret fantasy with her special friends many times. It has always remained a wished-for-fantasy until now. Sometimes, though, fantasies can become very dangerous!

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Sometimes, for no particular reason and in the most unexpected ways, heaven sends special gifts to Earth. Sometimes those wonderful little blessings just pop into our lives without us even asking for them. They are called miracles. Sometimes they are great. Sometimes they are small. But who can argue the point that whatever their size, they are always amazing. Sometimes, however, even heaven needs a helping hand.

Man has ruled over this planet for thousands of years with an unyielding might and unsurpassed power. That power and might is about to be challenged.

When an evil minded man takes a room for the night at a bed and breakfast, all bets are off that he'll survive the night because of the Girl in the Room.

Even Wishing Fairies have wishes.

Daniel Byrd was a crazy old bird, but just how crazy was he?

Most people are frightened by clowns, but is there someone out there scared enough to murder one?

There is one way to avoid all your problems, sleep all day and dream of better things. There's just one problem though, you can't sleep forever and accomplish anything.