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the ultimate teacher checklist for every one of the school years
Teacher's End-of-Year Checklist: Ensure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks!
Get organized for the end of the school year with our comprehensive checklist designed specifically for elementary teachers. From final assessments to classroom clean-up, we've got you covered!
the daily slides template for google slides is shown in black and white, with an image of
Stay Organized with Daily Agenda Slides - Chalkboard Wood Template!
Organize your daily lessons seamlessly with our Chalkboard Wood Daily Agenda Slides Template. Effortlessly keep your students informed about what's on the agenda. Grab this stylish and practical resource today! #AgendaSlides #TeacherOrganization #ClassroomManagement
a poster with the words, lessons and activities for children to use in their classroom
Creativity & Innovation Mini-Unit - Spark Imagination in Elementary Students
Unleash your students' creative potential with our Creativity and Innovation Mini-Unit! Tailored for elementary learners, this unit includes engaging activities and lessons that foster imagination and innovative thinking. It's a fantastic resource for nurturing young minds. #CreativeLearning #InnovationEducation #ElementaryTeaching #StudentEngagement #EducationalResources
two posters showing different types of people with their hands in the air, and one is holding
Engage Your Students Safely with Morning Greetings - Socially Distanced Options Included!
Kickstart your school day with warmth and connection! Our Morning Greetings resource offers socially distanced options for a safe and engaging start to the day. Foster a positive classroom environment effortlessly. Explore it now! #MorningGreetings #ClassroomConnection #SociallyDistancedLearning
a parking lot poster with the words,'classroom posters for student engagement '
Classroom Management Posters
If you are looking for some new ways to help your classroom management in your elementary classroom, I have just the resource for you - this Parking Lot Poster! This poster fosters student engagement & student participation. This is a great classroom management idea that is versitile and customizable. Learn more here.
a poster with the words teamwork activities and pictures for students to use in their classroom
Teamwork Activity Pack for Kids - Growing Bundle for Elementary Classrooms
Strengthen teamwork skills in your classroom with our GROWING BUNDLE of Teamwork Activities! Specially designed for elementary students, this pack includes a variety of interactive and collaborative activities to build team spirit and cooperative skills. #TeamworkForKids #ClassroomActivities #ElementaryEducation #GroupLearning #EducationalResources
teacher documentation for the digital google slides to help students learn how to use their computer skills
Customizable Teacher Documentation Log - Organize with Google Sheets
Simplify your record-keeping with our customizable Teacher Documentation Log in Google Sheets. Ideal for tracking student progress, attendance, and other important data. User-friendly and perfect for busy educators needing efficient organization. #TeacherDocumentation #GoogleSheets #ClassroomManagement #EducationalResources #TeacherOrganization
a group of people sitting in a circle with the words qut analsia on it
Quote Analysis | Increase Classroom Discussions and Critical Thinking
Revitalize classroom discussions with our Quote Analysis resource. Designed to boost critical thinking, this tool encourages students to delve deeper into texts and engage in meaningful dialogue. Perfect for enhancing analytical skills in a classroom setting. #QuoteAnalysis #CriticalThinking #ClassroomDiscussion #EducationalResources #TeachingTools
the words 10 ways to use gamification in your classroom on top of a board game
10 Innovative Gamification Strategies for Engaging Classrooms
Transform your teaching with the power of play! Dive into our blog post to explore 10 creative ways to use gamification in the classroom. Uncover exciting strategies to boost student engagement, enhance learning experiences, and make every lesson memorable. Perfect for elementary educators seeking fun and effective teaching techniques. #GamificationInEducation #EngagingStudents #ElementaryClassroom #TeachingTips #ClassroomGames #EducationalStrategies #FunLearning #TeacherResources
top 5 teacher tips for surviving the end of the school year
Elementary Teacher's Guide: Conquering End-of-Year Challenges!
Attention elementary teachers! Get ready to conquer the end-of-year chaos with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to maintain student engagement, manage time effectively, handle administrative tasks, and more!
the cover of an article about how to create an environment for problem - solvers
6 Tips to Encourage Creativity and Problem-Solving in the Classroom
Using creative thinking activities with students is a great way to encourage problem solving, teamwork, and outside of the box thinking. Learn how to create an environment for both creative thinking and problem solving! Through collaboration and reflection, students be encouraged to explore, embrace diverse thinking, and celebrate the creative journey.