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an empty public restroom with yellow walls and tile flooring, two sinks and mirrors
Burger Munch. Interiorismo Restaurante | Piedra Papel Tijera Interiorismo
Un nuevo concepto que engloba desde la identidad gráfica hasta el interiorismo. Simple y sencillo " Sometimes I think Sometimes I don't " es su eslogan. #burger #contract #diseñorestaurantes #graphicdesign #interiordesign #interiorismo #pptinteriorismo #pptstyle #reformas #decoration #restaurant
an empty bathroom with black and white tiles on the floor, walls and floors that are made of glass blocks
Restroom - Fondazione Prada
an empty room with yellow and black tiles on the walls, flooring and lighting
Office Furniture | 800-460-0858 | Trusted: 40+ Years Experience
Restroom - Fondazione Prada: What is very noce on this building, is the playing with different materials to create different atmospheres.
three white urinals in a bathroom with black tile flooring and wall mounted lights
Belbagno is under construction
Tutti prima o poi ci siamo fermati a leggere le scritte nei #bagni pubblici. Scopri qualche "perla di saggezza"
a row of shiny metal stalls in a public restroom
The HUB Performance and Exhibition Center in Shanghai by Neri&Hu | Yatzer
Photo by Dirk Weiblen.
an empty bathroom with four stalls and three urinals
Corporate Bathroom
Corporate Bathroom by Daniel Kington at