set of four high fired stoneware sake cups ranging in size from one to two ounces from the smallest at x 2 to the largest at 1 x 2 / miniature chawan shaped ochoko - ralphnuara on Etsy


Gives me an idea to make yin and yang inspired plates that fit together or can be used separately.

Retro Pottery Net: Danish Studio Teapot - Jans Keramik

Jans Keramik run by Lise & Dirch Jans on Bornholm, Denmark Retro Pottery Net: Danish Studio Mug

True Brick Ovens: January 2012

Wood fired kiln, based on the Olsen fast fire kiln and Euan Craig's adaptation of the one in Latrobe University Bendigo Campus.

pictures_good: Керамика.

Flower topped tea pot - could try a variation on this with a more typical flower top?