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an underwater view of a bench in the water next to a tree and some grass
15 Majestic Underwater Sites You Need To Visit Before You Die
an old photo of a woman making a surprised face
Pirata by Antonio Palmerini, Digital art, Manipulation
a person with their eyes closed and the words i want to listen to this in a field of flowers
🥀especially if its not pollen season 🤧
a drawing of a baby sitting on a couch with a thought bubble above it that says, why does my mom talk to me in a baby voice?
I just wanna feel ok but nooo something always has to happen :/ I hate it here
the words me and my family being too loud
They are giving me a headache 😐
a drawing of a boy sitting on the floor with his head down and arms crossed
im just retroactively inventing old emo drawings
two words that say, whoever made beauty standards need to die
two black cats sitting next to each other in front of plants and flowers on the ground
a painting of a butterfly with green and black colors on it's wings, in front of a dark background
Lilith's Place
Jokes, Harry Potter, Words
i’ll just have to stick to plants and pets ‼️