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Historical Fiction

This is a pin of historical fiction books about women who changed history. I think that this would really apply to Martha and motivate her being that she wants to become a police officer. This comes from a trustworthy website.

Sometimes you need alone time enjoy time with yourself I've actually done some of these things when i need a reset. Love these ideas.

Already do a lot of these things to enjoy alone time. -- 19 Awesome Things to Do Alone. I've already accomplished basically all of these but I will keep doing them for sure

Self Care Wheel infographic. It's not selfish; it's necessary. What would your wheel look like?                                                                                                                                                     More

Self-Care Wheel. Do you care for yourself in all 6 areas of your life? This helpful wheel labels each one and describes how to care for yourself from each domain. Live a balanced and healthy life!

20 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself

Asking the right question can change everything. Are you feeling stuck, unsure, in need of change? These 20 questions will help you get clear.

Getting to know the real you. 26 questions to help you know yourself better.

One of the secrets to Career Success is to get to know yourself better. This helps with both interview confidence as well as self awareness for areas of improvement, learning & training.

More than just a "bucket list" www.levo.com

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