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Mostly unhealthy things that I'll never make but will dream about forever.
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a close up of a plate of food with ice cream on top and the words healthy blueberry crisp above it
Healthy Blueberry Crisp
Healthy Blueberry Cobbler is a decadent dessert that's vegan-friendly, gluten free, and full of flavor. Requiring just 10 minutes of prep time, this is a must-try dish that you're guaranteed to love! #blueberrycrisp #healthycrisp #healthycobbler #glutenfreedessert
someone holding up a piece of red velvet cake
Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies
If brownies are your love language, be prepared to fall head over heels. Like, how could you not become absolutely infatuated with these red velvet cheesecake brownies AKA fudgy red velvet brownies with a thick ribbon of luscious cheesecake?! J’ADORE. 1/2 cup Countryside Creamery Unsalted Butter, melted 1 cup Baker’s Corner Granulated Sugar 2 eggs 1 1/2 teaspoons red food coloring 2 teaspoons Stonemill Pure Vanilla Extract 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup Baker’s Corner All Purpose Flour 3 Tablespoons Baker’s Corner Baking Cocoa FOR THE CREAM CHEESE SWIRL 8 ounces Happy Farms Cream Cheese, room temperature 1 egg, room temperature 1/3 cup Baker’s Corner Granulated Sugar
two chocolate chip muffins sitting on top of a table
Chocolate Chip Muffins [35 Minutes]
chocolate chip muffins with the title above it
Easy Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins (video)
chocolate chip cookies on a cooling rack with the words espresso in front of them
Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies
overhead view of cookie balls before baking and cookies after baking. Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, Chewy Sugar Cookies, Rolled Sugar Cookies, Sugar Cookies Recipe, Cinnamon Swirl
Soft and Chewy Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies.
This is the cookie for cinnamon-lovers! This delicious recipe is a mashup between a cinnamon roll, a snickerdoodle, and a sugar cookie. Soft and chewy sugar cookies with an incredible brown sugar-cinnamon swirl marbled all throughout.
chewy coffee cookies with espresso powder are the perfect dessert for breakfast or brunch
Super Chewy Coffee Cookies
a close up of a spoon with food on it
Pistachio Baklava | Cleobuttera
10h 15m
an egg roll in a bowl with dressing on top and the title overlay reads egg roll in a bowl
Egg Roll in a Bowl
Get a delicious Chinese-inspired family dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes with this healthy egg roll in a bowl recipe. Simple to make with lots of fresh veggies, it's full of delicious flavors that everyone will love.
salted brownie crinkle cookies with chocolate chips and sea salt on top
Salted Brownie Cookies
Salted Brownie Crinkle Cookies
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala
a white bowl filled with rice and meat covered in gravy next to bread
Best Ever Restaurant Style Chicken Tikka Masala
This is best chicken tikka masala recipe I've ever tried! It's authentic and tastes just like the restaurant and could trick all the takeout lovers. It's an easy process and is rich and creamy with tender bites of chicken. Healthy with Whole30, paleo, and dairy free options. With coconut milk and vegetables, it's spicy and creamy! #indian #recipe
Top image of mini peach upside cakes being created in a muffin tin, bottom image mini peach upside down cakes out of the oven on a cooling rack Mini Desserts, Fruit Dessert Recipes, Peach Desserts, Peach Dessert Recipes
Mini peach upside-down cakes - super moist dessert!
1h 0m