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several chickens are standing in the snow near a building with shingles on it's sides
White Orpingtons
McMurray Hatchery White Orpingtons
a white chicken standing on top of a grass covered field
Rhode Island White
a large gray chicken standing on top of a lush green field
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a close up of a chicken in the grass with a sign that says murry mcmurlay
Buff Orpingtons
McMurray Hatchery Buff Orpington
two chickens standing next to each other with an apple cider in front of them and the words using apple cider vinegar on your chickens
Using Apple Cider Vinegar On Your Chickens
There is a lot of buzz about apple cider vinegar lately due to all of its health benefits. You may be considering trying it, or you may think it's too good to be true. Is apple cider vinegar healthy for chickens? Not everything that is natural is completely safe. Double-checking everything before applying to your flock, even using household items, is always a good idea. It's good to know that apple cider vinegar is not only safe, but it's also beneficial to chickens.
chickens eating food out of a bowl on top of hay with the words pros and cons of fermented feed
Pros and Cons of Fermented Chicken Feed
Fast and easy way to save money on chicken feed and provide a healthy chicken diet! DIY fermented chicken feed at home. In this must-watch video, you’ll find the easy steps for homemade probiotic chicken feed. Whether you’re new to raising poultry at home or you’ve been homestead living for years, these insights are crucial for a healthy chicken diet. Click now to unlock this ultimate guide to homemade fermented probiotic chicken feed and improve your backyard chicken’s health and wellness.
a person standing next to a red bucket filled with green stuff and the words beginner's guide to fermeted chicken feed
Fermented Chicken Feed
two chickens standing in the grass next to flowers and a building with a wooden roof
Backyard Breed Guide: Buff Orpington Chickens
Backyard Breed Guide: Buff Orpington Chickens
two white chickens standing next to each other on hay
Lavender Orpington
Murray McMurray Hatchery - Lavender Orpington
a chicken coop with two chickens in it and a metal roof on the top floor