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three ingredients for homemade hershey's chocolate syrup are shown in this collage
Homemade Hershey's Chocolate Syrup - An Easy 5 Minute Recipe!
vanilla butter syrup in a glass jar with strawberries
Vanilla Butter Syrup Recipe (Dutch Honey)
Vanilla Butter Syrup (Dutch Honey) is an easy homemade syrup for pancakes, waffles, French toast, biscuits or even vanilla ice cream!
lemon sauce in a small glass jar next to sliced lemons on a cloth with text overlay
Best Lemon Sauce {For Desserts} - Simply Stacie
Best Lemon Sauce {For Desserts} - Simply Stacie
an ice cream sundae with chocolate toppings in a glass bowl on a blue napkin
Quick-and-Easy Hot Fudge
an ice cream sundae on a pink napkin with a spoon
Microwave Hot Fudge Sauce
a jar filled with cherry sauce sitting on top of a table
Easy Cherry Sauce
cinnamon cream syrup in a glass pitcher next to pancakes
Cinnamon Cream Syrup
a lemon cream syrup in a glass pitcher next to sliced lemons
Lemon Cream Syrup
Tired of maple syrup for pancakes and waffles? Then you have got to try my lemon cream syrup! It's sweet, tart, and will brighten up your breakfast!
pecan pralie sauce in a white bowl on a wooden table
Sweet & Buttery Praline Pecan Sauce - Great Homemade Gift!
chocolate sauce being poured into a glass bowl
Easy Chocolate Ganache - The Recipe Critic
Everyone needs a great chocolate ganache recipe in their cookbook! This recipe is a classic and the best ganache recipe I've ever tried. It's perfectly shiny with rich chocolate flavor, and takes 5 minutes to whip up!
two plates with desserts on them, one has sauce and the other has pudding
Rum Sauce a.k.a. Rum & Butter Sauce or Rum Caramel Sauce. So good!
a spoon full of peanut butter rum sauce on top of a table with other ingredients
Butter Rum Sauce Perfect for Topping Desserts - Mom's Dinner
the sauce is being poured into a bowl with a spoon in it and labeled how to make homemade toffe sauce
Toffee Sauce