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angry+bear+standing+(1).jpg (550×743)

angry+bear+standing+(1).jpg (550×743)

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We asked an expert to watch the new horror film 'Backcountry' and break down the myths and realities of encountering one of the forest's most dangerous animals.

My friend had a pet brown bear that liked to run track

Observing bears, gazelles and rats has inspired a new Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) model and treatment.

bear attack pics | Bear-Attack

Lesson: Respect Wildlife and keep your distance - Grim Discovery: Evidence of the attacked was found Friday afternoon by a trio of other hikers, who came upon a lone backpack lying near a pa.


This is so nice how it incorporates an axe into the traditional styling of Norse patterns. Replaces the usual dragon theme nicely. last piers description, very nice