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Jar hanger with rope or twine
a man standing next to a cat on top of a hard wood floor in front of a white radiator
Twenty-Nine Pawistively Divine Caturday Memes
a man with his arms crossed standing next to another man
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Psych, Infp, Vida, Enfp, Personality, Enneagram
The MBTI Duo
Sound on! The ending had me laughing so hard, i pissed myself a little.
an image of a quote written in white on top of a piece of paper that says happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing i know
a woman laying on top of an egg
‘Help me I'm an egg’ by filthyratbag
a line graph with words written on it and two lines drawn in different directions to describe what they are
we’re more than okay with being parallel lines. but trust me we’ve met, lemme tell ya. we’re anything but strangers now
a drawing of three women with the words group selfie guidelines on their foreheads
thetrendinglyfeThe Trending LYFE
a drawing of a mouse and a girl talking to each other
two cartoon characters sitting around a campfire with a sign that says, we are each alone in our experience of the world