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Gravity Falls Secrets

WOW ive just realised something, this might be of stan when he steals the nuclear power in in the episode not what he seems when he wears his yellow suit running from the agents MIND BLOWN.

Gravity Falls Secrets

Gravity Falls Secrets the decoding sequence is called the "cipher method " This refers to the Ceasars Cipher in Which in this cipher each letter is actually supposed to be put three letters back. Means Hello Guys.

Gravity Falls Secrets

Did you know that all the symbols on the circle thing means people and they can defeat bill with it (sorry I'm watching the new episode right now)

DIY / Tutorial / how to make a Wooden Pendulum ♥

Wooden Pendulum - DIY / Tutorial / how to make a Wooden Pendulum ♥ Another great craft project to do while teaching her the directional swings, their meanings, and the uses behind them all. Then she'll also have her very own pendulum.

Mughal Tabar (Axe) (18th Century CE Islamic Weapon, India) | Legth: 66 cm

Indian (Mughal) tabar (axe) in the form of an ibex and century, the steel crescent shaped blade emanating from a tiger and terminating in an ibex head with fine damascened decoration, the gilt handle with pierced and incised floral design length.